Mobile Wellness | Campus Edition - 1 Year Subscription

Mobile Wellness | Campus Edition - 1 Year Subscription

What It Does

Personalize the application using 4 unique modules designed to help educate users on making better, healthier decisions.
View data for your campus, including installs for your campus, BAC numbers collected, and other valuable insights.
Available for both Android and Apple platforms. The app is free to download.

Mobile Wellness is about putting the power in the hands of both students and campuses like never before. Utilizing an a la carte platform, campuses can choose which modules best suite their needs using a web browser and internet connection. Students are able to download the app for free from both the Apple and Google Appstore and receive an amazing platform that can change alongside your campus. The four modules included are BAC measurement, marijuana usage analytics, emergency notifications, and custom campus resources.
Mobile Wellness consists of an amazing, easy-to-use mobile app with 4 components designed to help students make healthier decisions. Beyond this, we provide campuses with access to deep analytics about how many students have installed the app along with specific BAC data collected.


- BAC Module

Users can easily view their current BAC level and add new drinks to track their ongoing usage.

- Marijuana Module

Easily input and track daily, weekly, monthly, and annual usage. Select from various usage types.

- Campus Notification Module

See something on campus needing attention? Users can easily and anonymously submit what they have seen 24/7. Posts are sent directly the secure management portal where they can be later viewed and responded to.

- Campus Resources Module

Your campus is unique and you need to provide students custom content that gets them assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our campus resources module provides an easy way for a user to access needed information.

Access to Deep Analytics

We understand the need to prove the efficacy of programs and that's why we included a powerful, secure analytics dashboard for campus administrations, providing access to metrics and data.

- View Campus Notifications
Easily view all campus notifications sent from within the app to your customized dashboard. You'll also receive notifications sent to the email address specified from within the dashboard.

- Turn Modules On/Off Anytime

Turn on or off any module as you see fit. Don't have a need for marijuana tracking on your campus? No problem, turn it off with a flick of a button and any user within the app that has selected your campus will automatically see the updated settings. Easy!

- View Live BAC Data

View live and historic BAC data. Notice trends and take action.

- View Total Installs

View total number of users that have selected your campus. It's even searchable by date!  


We're excited to showcase the app and reporting analytics screenshots. Want to experience it for yourself? Sign up for a 7-day demo.

Our standard license includes:

  • 4 modules available
  • Access to secure backend reporting system
  • Access to iPhone and Android apps
  • 24/7 support
$ 2,995.00