About Us

Our BAC cards were developed in conjunction with some of the nation’s leading alcohol and substance abuse advisors & professionals at universities, in the health and wellness fields.

Using a combination of effective layout and design, we have crafted a series of custom cards, designed cards for both men and women, that cover a wide range of weights.  BACs were calculated using the standard Department of Transportation formula, with percent water values of 0.58 for males and 0.49 for females, and an elimination rate of 0.12 per hour.  Our cards are designed to be easy to read and provides a series of distinguishing color guides to help the user understand the clear elements of risk and how it relates to their blood alcohol concentration level.

Our cards utilize the following color indicators:

  • Green = Buzzed
  • Orange = Legally Drunk
  • Red = Danger
  • Grey = Medical Emergency
The back of our cards utilize a gradient scale that lists the 4 unique areas in descending order along with helpful text examples that describe the feeling to the user. These examples include:
  • .02 – Begin to feel relaxed. Reaction time slows.
  • .05 – Euphoria, “the buzz”. Sociability. Decrease in judgment & reasoning.
  • .08 – Legally intoxicated (in orange)
  • .10 – Clear deterioration of cognitive judgment & motor coordination.
  • .15 – .24 – At risk for blackout. Nausea. Risk of stumbling/falling.
  • .25-.35 – May be unable to walk; may pass out/lose consciousness.
  • .40-.45 – High risk for coma or death.


Who is the company behind these BAC cards?

Blu Sky.  Since 1999, Blu SKY has been developing, designing, and customizing  IT solutions for the health & wellness and university markets.

The same company that developed BASICS Feedback, the ground breaking case management web platform currently being utilized by the universities across the country; brings you these professionally designed BAC cards. Working with BASICS advocates, analysts, and health & wellness advisers from several universities; we developed a BAC card that is easier to read, and that features BAC data separated out into 4 unique zones.  Over a four month period, our BAC card design was tested, feedback was gathered, and adjustments were made.

In the end, we feel the most effective and aesthetically pleasing BAC card was developed.